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Let’s Fight Towards Phony Id Sellers With Each Other

22 ottobre 2019,

di Stefano Ronchetti,

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Immigration. If you have sat and listened to the arguments back and forth, you know that everybody wants to glorify this effort. Yet, it is a situation that until 9-11, we heard about, but nothing really ever got done. Now, after numerous news reports of the number of potential terrorists coming across the border, it is an issue.

No one readily invites others to steal their identity, but having the attitude that this only happens to other people can get you into trouble. People have ended up losing everything they own and filing for bankruptcy because of it. It can be difficult to prove and you can spend years fighting to clear up your credit. In the mean time you won’t be able to access any credit for what you do need.

And what happens to fraudulent votes once they are cast? Usually nothing. When is the last time you heard of someone who committed voter fraud going to jail? That is, IF you can find them. How do we even know who they are?

Rule read in burglary is to always cover your face. You could use a paper bag, a plastic bag, a mask or….duct tape? One dumb criminal decided to rob a store and as a mask he just wrapped his head with duct tape. What a moron. Even if he escapes the police just have to look for the baldest person in the city after all the tape rips out his hair.

Since you never really know who you will be giving your payment information to online, you need to protect it. Consider buying a prepaid credit card that only has the amount of money that you place on it available. This type of credit card isn’t linked to your name, social security number, or other form of identification. Should a criminal get this credit card number all they can access is the limited amount of funds you keep on it.

Seems to me, all of those welfare cases that never get on their feet, if they had not been trained over the years to feel it was better to let the government take care of them, those jobs done by immigrants would be done by those people. If the jobs had to be done, and there were no illegals, someone would do it. We have allowed a whole generation of people to become lazy and too good to take care of themselves. What happened to the hard working people who knew a days work meant being tired at the end of it? Everybody here wants to be a star or is satisfied with a check and food stamps every month.

With the city going all out for the event over a 7 day period leading up to St. Patrick’s Day there is plenty to do for everyone and every family if you want to come here for the pre-events or stay until the main event. With everything from green water in fountains to green beer on River St. you are sure to enjoy yourself in this amazing little city in the heart of Georgia’s Atlantic Coast.

The next buckle was presented for the Performance of the Year which went to Jimmy Buffett and Zac Brown Band for “Margaritaville” from CMT Crossroads.

FANTASY was the next to be introduced, once Brit found her adoring fans loved to smell like this. This line has an amazing marketing campaign. When you go to the official website, you will find computer animation with lush, sensual colors and sparklies.

If a back-to-school tat or tongue stud is in the near future, do it right. See a professional. Ask questions and demand answers. It is your money, your life. Don’t take unnecessary risks. This is not something you go to John’s cousin’s house on the weekend to have done. Get parental improvement and protect your life.

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